Glass No. 2 - Orcinus Orca - Set of 2 - The Whales Series

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** This is for a set of two glasses! If you set your quantity on this product to 1, you will receive 2 glasses. If you set your quantity on this product to 2, you will receive 4 glasses. **

Teku No. 2 - Orcinus Orca

The second glass in the Whales Series depicts the iconic Orca whale, or as it’s more commonly known, the Killer Whale. Killer whales are highly social creatures, which is why the design depicts the whales traveling in a pod, or family group. In addition to their highly social nature, Killer Whales are extremely intelligent and engage in highly sophisticated hunting techniques (sometimes even hunting other whales or marine mammals). If that wasn’t cool enough, these clever hunting machines are apex predators, meaning no other animals prey on them.

We thought the characteristics of this iconic whale made it a perfect fit for glass number 2 of the Whales Series. Get yours now before they’re gone!

Glassware Specs:

Rastal Teku - 42cl, 14 oz. brimful

  • 360 degree wrap-around print
  • Gold printed
  • 10 oz. pour mark

Glassware Info:
Designed by Teo Musso (“Te”) of the Baladin Brewery in Torino, and Italian sensory analyst Lerenco Dabove AKA Kuaska (“Ku”), the Teku glass is perfect for fully experiencing the color, aroma and flavor of all styles of beer. It’s considered one of the world’s best beer glasses, and that’s why we’re bringing it back for our Whales Series.

Volume: 42cl, 14 oz
Washing: Hand Wash
Good For: All Styles

About The Whales Series:

"Call me Ishmael."

The opening line of Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick,” an epic tale of captain Ahab’s obsessive quest to seek revenge on the elusive white whale. You may have just begun your journey into the world of craft beer, or perhaps you’ve been an enthusiast for decades, but just like Captain Ahab, many of us are on journeys to track down and find our own elusive white whales. The thrill of the hunt are just one of the many aspects that makes the hobby of beer trading so fun and exciting. 

We decided to pay homage to Captain Ahab, and to all of our quests to hunt down the beers we’ve been longing to find and enjoy, with a series of custom designed and printed Teku glasses. The Whales Series is a collaboration between The Beer Exchange and The Roaming Pint. Each illustration is custom designed by Brian Devine (The Roaming Pint) with help from Mark Iafrate (BEX).


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