Box 4: West Coast “Keep Ya’ Head Up” Box



** Important note for purchasing your entries! **

There are four options for entering to win each basket. Once you select your entry level, you can change the quantity. Remember if you want you can do a special multi-basket entry here. 

  1. Buy 1 entry for $5 (Comes to $5.00 per entry)
  2. Buy 5 entries for $20 (Comes to $4.00 per entry)
  3. Buy 15 entries for $50 (Comes to $3.33 per entry)
  4. Buy 25 entries for $75 (Comes to $3.00 per entry)

Examples: If you select "5 Entries" and change the Quantity to 2, you'll get 10 entries for totaling $40. If you select "1 Entry" and set Quantity to 3, you'll get 3 entries totaling $15.  

Note: You can also purchase a special bundle for 15 entries in each basket for $175 (that's 60 total entries at $2.92 per entry) or  25 entries in each basket for $225 (that's 100 entries at $2.25 per entry). These are your best "bang for your buck" options. 

** This box is only available to online entries! **

This is different from last year! Last year people who attended the event in person could also enter to win the online rare beer raffle baskets. This year these four online baskets are only available to online entries. That means you have a much higher chance of winning this year! 

West Coast Limited Releases

This box contains 12 bottles of limited release and rare beer from breweries on the West Coast.  

  • (1) Russian River - Pliny The Elder (Will be shipped fresh)
  • (1) Russian River - Blind Pig (Will be shipped fresh)
  • (1) The Bruery - Grey Monday (2015)
  • (1) The Bruery - Mocha Wednesday (2015)
  • (1) The Bruery - Chocolate Rain (2015)
  • (1) The Bruery - Black Tuesday (2013)
  • (1) The Bruery - PB & Thursday
  • (1) The Bruery - Poterie (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
  • (1) Ale Apothecary - El Cuatro (2016)
  • (1) Ale Apothecary - City Beer Store (2016)
  • (1) Cascade Brewing - Pumpkin Smash (2014)
  • (1) Firestone Walker - 20th Anniversary Ale (2016)

Raffle Information:

  • You can purchase as many raffle tickets as you want! The more tickets you enter the better your chances of winning.
  • We'll enter all your tickets into the proper baskets for you, do the drawing, and announce winners before the event on April 7.
  • This basket is only open to online entries and will not be available for people attending the event.
  • We'll ship you your beer for free if you win!

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